Love Sosa


B I O S H O C K  :  H E P H A E S T U S

I am geeking out so much over this beautiful water color!!! Thank you so much Elle it’s wonderful and definitely made my day to receive it! PLEASE please please go support gapteeths her art is so brilliant and wouldn’t you also love to own something this marvelous?? :) 

also I’m just gonna become a trapped in the closet blog because not one damn thing on this website has made me laugh harder than that 

soooo many people hate me to be honest but jokes on them because none of them will ever hate me more than i hate myself… I’m just better than everyone else that way. 

crying at therapy then going to get coffee at joe van goghs is such a nice way to spend a wednesday 


Looks like someone at Bob’s Burgers is a real Say Anything fan…